Town: Szczyrk

Voivodeship: Silesian Region
Distance in km:
to Cracow                           – 105 km
to Warsaw                          –  400 km
to Katowice                         –   60 km
to Bielsko- Biała                   –  16 km

Szczyrk has about  5,5 thousands inhabitants.
Occupy an area of  39 square km.

Bus lines from Cracow:
To get to Szczyrk you have to take a bus in the direction to Bielsko- Biała departure from Cracow at: 07:10, arrival in Bielsko- Biała at 09:21, departure from Bielsko- Biała at 11:20 arrival to Szczyrk at 14:00, runs about 20 times a day, distance between Szczyrk an Bielsko- Biała- 16 km, mini- bus connection between Bielsko- Biała and Szczyrk or you can take a TAXI.  

Station Time of travel
Szczyrk Salmopol 04:40 F 05:00F 05:10F 05:50S 06:10F 06:30U 06:50F 07:10F 07:30U 07:50F 08:10F 08:30 09.10F 09:30U 09:50F 10:10F 10.50F 11:10F 11.30U11:50F 12:10F 13:10F 13:30u 13:50f 14:10F 14:30 14:50F 15:10F 15:30U 16:30Fm 16:50 17:50Un 18:10 fm19:20 20:00 Un
Szczyrk Biłą 05:00L 06:20A 08:00U 13:00F 14:40U 16:20U


A- except Saturdays and Sundays
F- nuns from Monday to Friday
m- except 24 and 31.12
n- except 24, 31.12 and Easter
S- school bus
U- except 25.12, 01.01 and Easter

Bus lines from Warsaw:
To get to Szczyrk from Warsaw you have to take a train running in the direction of Bielsko- Biała and change to bus to Szczyrk for example:

Bus Stations:
Central Bus Station (Dworzec Centralny PKS). For more information how to book the tickets you have to call tel. + 48 33 812 28 25.  

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