2. Booking requests shall be made by sending a request (in English or Polish), with full details of the Client by fax +48 77 4232840 or e-mail to: grzegorz.b@excitingpoland.com
  3. All reservations are subject to availability. Excitingpoland – Almatur-Opole (called hereinafter Tour operator) is obliged to send a written confirmation or refusal according to the Client within 48 hours of a previewed booking.
  4. The Tour operator reserves the right to cancel the booking despite a written confirmation within 48 hours without giving a reason.
  5. The Tour operator regrets that if the payment is not received on time may cancel the booking.
  6. The Tour operator reserves the right to alter the travel services which does not effect the standard and occupation. The Tour operator will notify in writing and obtain binding acceptance of this change the Client about the changes before selling the travel services.
  7. Terms of bookings published here apply only for tours listed at www.excitingpoland.com unless Tour operator has sent another terms to the Client by e-mail or fax.
  8. Offers, tours prepared by Tour operator to the Client on special request have their own, other terms of bookings, what must be sent by fax or e-mail to the Client.
  9. The group organizer (the Client who gathers other persons on the same tour) is responsible to present the actual, valid for that group tour updated Terms of booking for all persons taking a part in the group tour. Sending, by e-mail or fax, the special Terms of booking to the Client (group organizer) Tour operator understands that all persons participating in that tour know and accept the special Terms of booking. The Client (group organizer) is responsible by low to inform all the group participants about the separate Terms of booking, and the Tour operator does not have to inform all participants in separate e-mail or fax.
  10. Tour operator has a right to cancel any scheduled, group tour 30 days before the tour start date (if number of participants is too small). In that case Tour operator gives back the amount of deposit paid for the tour by Client. Tour operator offers also another tours with the same or similar tour program, on another date, what Client may book and use earlier paid deposit for new tour offer.
  11. Any claims for our services must be done not later than 30 days after your tour end date.

  13. The Tour operator must receive at least 15% of all payment within five (5) days after sending the written confirmation of booking, the 85% balance will be forward to the Tour operator at least 30 days before the arrival date.
  14. To book Last Minute tours the Client shall pay the whole amount at least 3 days before the beginning of the tour.
  15. In case the Tour operator is not getting the agreed amount from the Client his clients lose the right can not use the travel services.
  16. When making the payment The Client shall indicate the particular travel services he wants to pay for.
  17. The Client is obliged to pay fine of 0, 2% of the total agreed amount per day for the delay in payment.
  18. Exchange currency rates, for payments in USD or Euro, are based at the mid-rate published by National Bank of Poland
    (if not set in other way).

  20. The Client must accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under his / her name or account.
  21. If the Client cancels the reservation the Tour operator has to apply the following cancellation rules:
    up to 30 days before arrival date – up to 15 % loss of the total price of the travle services;
    30- 16 days before arrival date – 30 % loss of the total price of the travel services;
    15- 8 days before arrival date – 50 % loss of the total price of the travel services;
    7- 4 days before arrival date – 90 % loss of the total price of the travel services;
    less than 4 day before arrival date – 100 % of the total price of the travel services.
  22. The Tour operator can apply additional charges to the Client prior to selling the travel services, sending them by e-mail or fax. Sending them by e-mail on the Client’s e-mail address the Tour operator understands they are accepted, unless the Client asks to clear it up just after receiving them from Tour operator.

  24. In the case of partial or complete breech of contract, caused by unforeseeable events such as fire, war, natural disaster, or any other acts of God, which may have an impact on the fulfillment of the services the parties are not responsible for this it.
  25. In the event of unforeseen forces the Tour operator reimburse all the funds except for its actual expenses incurred till the moment they has occurred.
  26. The court in Opole, Poland is a competent court for any court case between Tour operator and the client.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email (grzegorz.b@excitingpoland.com) if anything is not clear for you before you make a decision to book your tour with us, please !

We look forward to seeing you in Poland !

ExcitingPoland Team