Ośrodek Szkoleniowy
78- 640 Tuczno, ul. Zamkowa 1 

Tuczno is situated in the vicinity of the Drawieński National Park: surrounding forests are rich in game refuges, mushrooms, while fish abound in it’s clean lakes.

Three horseback riding centers are located near the castle. The Tuczno Castle offers ample and tasty dishes of traditional Polish cuisine, including venison. Our guests can discover the charm and delicacy of roasted meat, fish or home-made pastry.

We offer survival events: paintball, shooting with anything you can shoot with, rope descents, pendulum, glowing embers crossing, etc. Other attractions include a visit to a bioenergy therapy room, a 4WD rally across the wilderness or sightseeing the German fortifications of the Pomerania Wall from WW2.

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