30-706 Cracow, 14 Klimeckiego St

Trade Fair Centre Chemobudowa- Kraków S.A. was founded in 1993 on the own areas of the company with the purpose to organize the trade fairs and economic exhibitions.

From beginning of its activity until present the Trade Fair Centre was organizer of tens of specialistic trade fairs. The number of exhibitions increased systematically as well as the number of visitors coming of the events. For the participants of fairs the Trade Fair Centre offers professional services including: transportation, planning and assembling of exhibition stand, printing services as well as catering and hotel facilities.

The wide programme of events includes scientific conferences, symposia and practical demonstrations in cooperation with high schools and scientific centres of Cracow. The fairs and exhibitions organized by us possess the privilege of the new product property rights protection from the day of its presentation during the fair. The Trade Centre Chemobudowa- Kraków S.A. become a forum, know in the whole Poland, of cooperation between the domestic and foreign companies in the exchange of technical know how as well as in getting new contacts in the field of production and commerce.

The Trade Fair Centre Chemobudowa-Kraków S.A. is a member of Polish Trade Corporation and is the biggest organizer of trade fairs and economic exhibitions in Małopolska.

According to the official report of this Corporation our Trade Fairs Center has been classified in the 6th place among the organizers of trade fairs in Poland considering the number of exhibitors participating in the events exhibition area in the year 1999.

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