11-710 Piecki, Nowy Zyzdrój near Mrągowo

The Kanu Club in Nowy Zyzdrój is situated among the untouched forests of Puszcza Piska, overlooking the Zyzdrój Wielki Lake, one of Europe’s best kayaking tracks along the Krutynia River. In the ecologically clean silence zone, by the waters of 1st class purity, you are only as far from nature as you find comfortable. Original, secession style interiors of the Hotel and all-year bungalows with fire-places creates perfect atmosphere for work and relaxation. Our specialty is trainings, cenferences, incentive and outdoor events (climbing, cable bridges, baloon flights). Our Mazurska Hut with terraces by the water offers picnics, feasts, barbecues. Excellent cuisine that would satisfy a gourmet.

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