Ośrodek Szkolenia Kadr Statystyki

05- 140 Serock, Jachranka 81

The Center is located on a high cliff overlooking the Zegrzyński Reservoir, on the fringes of a pine forest, 40 km away from Warsaw. Its lowrise architecture is accessible for the isabled. We offer 65 hotel rooms with bathrooms, including a room adapted for the disabled. We provide full support services for conference, training events and other meetings, as well as setting-up assistance. Recommended outdoor time-off events are: bonfires, barbecue parties, mountain biking, a team games field and almost 3 hectares of woodland. In poor weather our guests may enjoy integration meetings in a cafe and bar, in a disco, at the gym, and at table tennis or at 2 billiard tables. In-house transport by coach or minibus is provided.

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