Międzynarodowe Targi Łódzkie Sp. z o.o.
90-531 Łódź, ul. Wólczańska 199

Lodz is an important centre of exhibition services. Here, in 1987, International Fair of Garments, Textiles, Knitwear and Leather Goods INTERFASHION – a comprehensive presentation of Polish textile industry – took place. The success of this enterprise began a new stage in economic development of a town. Lodz International Fair Ltd came into being in December 1989. First its task was to organize INTERFASHION. The dynamic company soon took up the realization of new fair events. Since that time LIF specializes in organizing domestic and international trade fairs and exhibitions. It creates opportunities to promote many lines of economic life. The calendar of events has an open character, new subjects are systematically taken up. The fairs are accompanied by symposiums, seminars and conferences. The best products and technological solutions get the awards at the contests. Preparation and realization of certain projects are in the hands of marketing, promotion and information and publications departments and Hall technical service. In 1999 LIF celebrated 10th anniversary of being at the Polish trade fair market. Lodz International Fair is a member of Polish Trade Fair Corporation. According to the statistical data of Corporation the company is located in “hot five” of companies of similar profile. In 1999 LIF was honored with Hermes for outstanding trade fair achievements by “Gazeta Targowa” magazine. In 2001 European Integration and Business Centre Club awarded Lodz International Committee and Business Centre Club awarded LIF European Medal for International Fair of Telecommunications INTERTELECOM.

The priority privilege from the fair (exhibition)
Since many years Lodz International Fair has the priority privilege from the fair for the trade fair events organised by itself which gives the exhibitors the guarantee of proper protection of publicly presented solutions and signs. The priority from the fair (exhibition) is awarded to the fairs (exhibitions) with high renown, long tradition, organised by the professional fair organisers. The condition of assenting the date of priority by the Polish Patent Office is a certificate of presenting the certain solutions, exhibits and signs during the fairs that enjoy the priority privilege. The Fairs Management draws up a certificate after the request of an exhibitor. The priority privilege gives the exhibitor a temporary protection for six months (till he applies for protection in Polish Patent Office). The Polish Patent Office is a central organ of the State administration in the matter of industrial property. The office accepts the applications and adjudicates in matters of awarding patents for the inventions and protection laws for the applied patterns and trade marks.

In March 1995 a new Exhibition and Trade Centre EXPO-Lodz, one of the most modern centres of this kind in Poland, was put out to use thanks to Lodz Commune. The Hall situated in the centre of the city hosts most of the trade and exhibition events organised in Lodz. Lodz International Fair administers the EXPO-Hall.

In 2001 the next stage of Lodz Exhibition Centre development began. LIF became the owners of new fair grounds, located at 17 Stefanowskiego Str, in the immediate vicinity of its seat and halls already existing. On the EXPO-Bis terrain (2 hectares) there are:
– new exhibition hall
– conference and show centre
– outdoor exhibition area
– parking place.

EXPO and EXPO-Bis are a perfect place to organize:
– fairs and trade exhibitions, conferences, symposiums, congresses,
– promotional events,
– presentations of the companies entering Polish market with new products, technologies and services balls,
– contests, tournaments and sports competitions,
– rock concerts and other artistic events,
– mass-meetings.

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