11-500 Giżycko, al. Wojska Polskiego 37

Europa Hotel is located in the very heart of Great Mazurian Lakes district, by a picturesque bay of the Kisajno Lake in Giżycko. Guests can relax in comfortable rooms and enjoy great cuisine and a warm hearted atmosphere. Guests are welcomed to experience voyages over the Mazurian Lakes and above them – in a balloon car, while in the wintertime – sleigh rides through the Borecka Forest. Thanks to our professional conference facilities you can combine your duties with pleasure – while training or participating in congresses and seminars. And in the evening… bonfire, fried fish and unforgettable views of the sunset. Sunny summer, golden autumn or winter with ice glittering on the lakes – we will always be delighted to welcome you in our small, Mazurian Europa.

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