Wieliczka lies on the border between Sandomierska Valley and Wielickie Upland, 15 km from Cracow. The town centre is in a hollow surrounded by hills. The development of the spa, famous for its historical salt mine, began in 1964, when the world’s first underground anti-allergy sanatorium was established in the mine’s chambers.

It is worth visiting the historical Salt Mine, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After 700 years of exploitation, the mine forms an extensive subterranean town. Sights include wonderful salt lakes, unique chapels with salt sculptures, and mining machinery and equipment. Banquets, concerts and seminars are held in the mine’s underground rooms. In the town above ground, interesting sights include historical military stables with characteristic arcades similar to Cracow’s Cloth Hall, and the architecture of Wieliczka’s town centre.