Owing to its unusual location at the bottom of mountain peaks and at the bank of a vast lake, the Żywiec area is a dream place for tourism and recreation. Żywiec is included to the group of the greatest 86 Polish resorts. Nearby Zywieckie Lake is a paradise for fans of water sports, and the proximity of winter resorts, such as Korbielów, Zwardoń, Szczyrk, equipped in numerous ski lifts, attracts masses of skiers. Marvelous, immaculate nature of the Beskidy gives tourists unlimited opportunities for hiking.

There are three major mountain tracks starting in Żywiec: a yellow one via Oczków and Koscielec (795 m) into the Little Beskid; another yellow one via Grojec (612 m) to the Brewery, and a blue one via Trzebinia, Tokarka (530 m) and Sopotnia Mała up to Romanka (1366 m) and further into the Żywiecki Beskid. There are also two flat-land tracks, one is called “Żywiec Liberation Path” and the other “Swedish Wars Path”. The clean, mountain rivers, Soła and Koszarawa, attract fans of canoeing and rafting. Anyone can test their courage in Wilczy Jar bungee-jumping from the bridge (17,5 m) into the water. The waters of Żywieckie Lake, good winds and sufficient accommodation facilities appeal to those keen on sailing and windsurfing. Once a year, fans of kayaking can try their abilities in the very popular (with both amateurs and professionals) rafting contest “Trzech Zapór” (“Of Three Dams”). 

There are numerous sport clubs with sections of archery, triathlon, cycling, kayaking, karate, horseback riding, and windsurfing. The ski season starts in November and lasts until the end of April. There are two ski lifts at the slopes of Grojec Mount. Żywiec fascinates. Anyone who will once visit this charming area where the mountains meet the “sea” will certainly want to come back.