Szczyrk- ski resort and a true skiers’ paradise
Szczyrk is just 10 km from Bielsko Biała. Surrounded by mountains of the Beskid Śląski and Beskid Żywiecki, and getting a lot of sunshine, it has perfect skiing conditions. The snow cover gets ca. 30 cm thick in town and 50 cm thick in the mountains. There are 30 ski-lifts, a cable railway, 60 km of skiing routes, of which 10 km are covered with artificial snow and 3,5 km are lighted and enabling you to ski after dark. In summer there are 72 km of tourist routes, 8 km of walking paths and 60 km of well marked mountain bike routes. In summer, you can visit Lodowa or Malinowska Caves and go to Żywiec for a beer.

Szczyrk is the second largest winter sports resort in Poland. The town is situated 17 kilometres south from Bielsko Biała and has three ski trails with the total length of 60 kilometres, around 40 ski lifts and 4 ski-jumps. A hiking trail leads to Mt Barania Góra (1220 m) where the three springs of river Vistula are located.