The sleighing cavalcades or kuligi were always a part of old Polish winter tradition, especially during the carnival period. The races combine fun and entertainment with rivalry. The latter one does not play any important role any more, but… At the beginning of February the annual Highlanders’ Parade is held in Zakopane and in Biały Dunajec. It’s a big feast for the local highlanders who can present their nicely embellished sleighs and colourful costumes. One of the top attractions of the parade is the kumoterki ace of small sleighs drawn by one horse or the skijoring contest. This parade reminds he people of the old winter cavalcading radition. Nowadays such events are quite frequently organized for tourists by the stud farms. A sleighing cavalcade with torches is not only a vivacious show but also an exciting adventure. The programme often includes an outdoor barbecue in the company of a folk band and dancers.