Muzeum Zamkowe, 43-200 Pszczyna

The castle in Pszczyna was built in 15th century and later altered in the 19th century in the Baroque style. The museum has a display of historical furnishings from the turn of 19th century.

The Museum Works of Art Preservation Study, attached to the Castle Museum in Pszczyna since 1965, employs certified conservators of works of art specializing in easel and wall paintings, wall-painting sculpture, stone sculpture, stuccowork and architectonic detail, paper and leather, antique cloth and artistic craft, in particular antique furniture. The Study co-operates with specialists of history of art, technology and microbiology, research workers of preservation schools (M. Kopernik University in Toruń, Academy of Art in Krakow and Warsaw), as well as qualified preservation companies and artists.

Since 1973 the manager of the Study has been Jan Gałaszek, M.A., who performs duty of the Chief Museum Conservator. He is also the expert of the Ministry of Culture and National Inheritance in monuments preservation.

The Museum Works of Art Preservation Study makes complex maintenance, research and designing works of antique movable structures of easel paintings and preservation and reconstruction works of wall-paining and antique stuccowork, as well as the ones of palace interiors (Interiors of the Palace in Pszczyna – Mirror Chamber, Yellow Bedroom, Great Room, Library, Green and Grey Rooms, Imperial Suite and so on).