The Izerskie Mountains
The mountains stretch to the west, with their tallest summit reaching 1100 metres. The most popular resort is Świeradów Zdrój, a spa with long traditions. The main spa building from 1899 has a wooden pump room strung out along 80 metres. North-east of the town is the 13th century Czocha castle that is often used as a setting for historical movies. A part of the castle has been converted into a hotel.

The Karkonosze Range
Karkonoshe is an important tourist destination. The town of Karpacz is situated at the foot of Mt Śnieżka (1602 m). On the top of Mt Śnieżka stands a futuristic building with a meteorological station and a snack bar as well as the 17th century chapel of St Laurel. From Mt Mała Kopa, right above Karpacz, run numerous ski trails. The local highlight is the wooden Wang Chapel, originally built in the first half of 13th century in Norway. Attractive ski trails run down the slopes of Mt Szrenica in Szklarska Poręba. Despite its altitude of only 1362 metres, the specific local microclimate makes the snow conditions similar to those of the Alps at 2000 metres. There is a long ski trail in the district of Jakuszyce.