There is no doubt that Karpacz is one of the most beautiful cities located in Karkonosze Mountains region situated in the south-western Poland (20 km south of Jelenia Gora). The best starting point to go exploring the Karkonosze National Park popular centre of winter sports and climbing, situated in a picturesque road at the foot of Śnieżka, the highest summit of the Karkononosze Mountains. Individual districts of Karpacz lie on different levels from 530 up to 885 m above sea level. Together with the nearby housing estates: the Upper Karpacz, Wilcza Poręba and others it forms a big tourist complex with several boarding-houses and hotels.

In the city there are numerous ski lifts and a chairlift to Mała Kopa (1325 m above sea level) 2300 m long covering the 530 m level difference. Popular Mountain Tourist School. A valuable monument of Upper Karpacz is wooden small Wang church erected in the 13th century in Norway and brought here in 1841 on king Frederick William IV’s own initiative. Worth visiting – the Wang Church.