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Slowinski National Park lies in the central part of the Polish coast, between Leba and Rowy, in the Pomorskie Voivodeship. The northern border of the Park is formed by 32.5 km of the Baltic Sea coastline. Activities towards the creation of a national park started in 1946 during the conference in Leba with the participation of scientists from Poznan and Gdansk. The Park was finally established in 1967, over the area of 18,069 ha. Currently it occupies the area of 18,618 ha, of which 10,213 ha are covered by waters and 4,599 ha by forests. 5,619 ha, including 2,529 ha of forests, are strictly protected. In 1977 the Park was recognised by UNESCO as a MaB Biosphere Reserve.

The Słowiński National Park is famous for its unique moving sand dunes. Formed as early as 5000 years ago from the sand carried on by the sea. The dunes are moving inland at a speed of about 10 metres a year. The most important holiday sites enclosing the park on both ends are Rowy (in the west) and Łeba (in the north). In the village of Kluki at the south end of the Park, there is an open-air museum (skansen), with a display of architecture and folk costumes of the Słowińcy tribe that used to inhabit this region.