Gdańsk – the capital of Pomerania
Gdańsk is the Polish maritime capital with the population nearing half a million. It is a large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination. Gdańsk, capital of the Pomerania, lying on the Bay of Gdańsk and the southern cost of the Baltic Sea the city is a thousand years old. Gdańsk has a modern international airport and two ferry terminals servicing regular lines between Gdańsk and Copenhagen via Trelleborg (Denmark), and Gdańsk and Nynashamn (Sweden).

In its “golden age” the city enjoyed the specific status of a municipal republic. It was also a melting pot of cultures and ethnical groups. The air of tolerance and the wealth built on trade made culture, science, and art. flourish. Today, works by outstanding Gdańsk masters can be admired in museums, churches, and galleries. These collections, as well as the historic sites of enchanting beauty witness a thousand years of the city’s continued existence. The break-through events of the most recent turbulent period are documented in the multi-medial exhibition: “Roads to Freedom”. The exposition recalls the local struggle for freedom and justice, and the birth of the “Solidarity.”  

Gdańsk cultivates its centuries-long tradition in the field, and its nickname of the world capital of amber. Just like in the olden days the city owes much to its sea port. The harbour, largest along the Polish coast and in the entire Southern Baltic basin, continues to develop.