Sightseeing around the Tricity is relatively simple, as the individual cities are located along a transportation corridor linking Gdańsk with Gdynia, including a commuter railway line, the most popular form of transportation. The railway will take you to each of the towns, while the historical districts of each town are bestviewed on foot. which was initially meant to be a royal residence. Behind Zielona Gate, on thecanal, begins the boulevard running to the Old Port. Walking along Długie Pobrzeże, it’s worth turning into the second gate on the way, Mariacka Gate, to enter the fairy-tale scenery of Mariacka Street, in the most beautiful corner of Gdańsk’s Old Town. Beautiful terraces lead into jeweller’s shops, which offer the best amber items, for which Gdańsk has been famous for centuries. Amber is not only decorative, but has therapeutic properties as well. This little street ends at the monumental St. Mary’s Basilica, a huge building that can hold up to 25,000 people. Among the multitude of historic buildings in Gdańsk, the Old Town Hall is worth noting, built in the 16th -17th centuries, with beautiful interiors including the entrance hall and the mayor’s office.