This route is best suited for people with romantic nature. It takes you down along narrow streams and across beautiful, tranquil lakes. Poland’ s largest bird, mute swan is the king of the Krutynia route; its nests are visible from the trail. Mute swans can weigh up to 23 kg with wing spans of up to 2.4 m. Tourists can also enjoy the sight of grey herons, cormorants, coots, and grebes. The Krutynia route is not difficult, less experienced kayakers can also enjoy it. Lush nature of the Piska Forest and a scenic section near the village of Krutyń are sure to enchant anyone. To the beauty of local nature one has to add the historical monuments of culture. Tourists may visit an Orthodox monastery and church of Old Believers and the Galindia a model of medieval settlement. The 100 km Krutynia route is best covered within eleven days. Kayaking tours usually start at Sorkwity on Lake Lampackie and end up at Ruciane-Nida on Lake Nidzkie. Kayaks are provided by organisers or can be hired from rental centre of water sports gear. Organised guided group tours get kayaks, overnights at marinas or agrotourist farms, meals and insurance. Participants cover daily a distance of 6 up to 16 km. Sometimes kayaks and gear have to be transported overland. Itineraries can also be designed by tourists themselves. Along the Krutynia route they will find many bivouac sites, riverside hostels and argrotourist farms which cater for tourists. Full option tours are organised from June 15 till August 17.