One of the most attractive Masurian resorts, small town and a mjor destination for sailing and water sport lovers. It offers boat trips on the lakes, water sports of all sorts, a yacht marina and alsobicycles for hire for those who wish to visit the nature reserve around Lake Lokajno. Mikołajki and Giżycko are the well- known sailing and canoeing centers. The Masurian Great District- there are the best canoeing and popular boats. Mikołajki is a center of Masuria Region. Masuria known as “the Land of a Thousand Lakes”, is one of the most beautiful parts of Poland. The lakes, rivers and forests that cover most of this region provide the cleanest air in the country, and there are excellent facilities for all kinds of water sports, in particular sailing. The clean water and gently sloping lake bottoms make bathing safe. In additional to the natural beauty of the region, there are also many, many historic buildings, not least among which are medieval castles, overnight in a hotel.