The Secrets of the Mountains
The Karkonosze Range is a part of the Sudety Mountains and the enchanted land of Lower Silesia. From the top of Mt Śnieżka (1,602 m), overlooking the Polish side of the Sudety Mountains, enfolds a splendid view of the natural and man-made wonders of this land. The network of signposted tourist trails (2,500 km) is well developed, still there are many secret places which will delight explorers and seekers of treasures, especially collectors of valuable minerals. The Bear’s Cave has more than 3 km of labyrinthine corridors and chambers, marble mines as well as many places untrodden by humans. The Karkonosze Range is 350 million years old. It is difficult to imagine long ago they came to be – it is certainly easier to wander about these mountains, trying to unravel the secrets of time… Sudety Mountains, is waiting for you.