Municipal Museum of Wroclaw
50-107 Wroclaw, Sukiennice 14/15

The Municipal Museum consists of branches:
Muzeum Historyczne (History Museum)
Muzeum Sztuki Mieszczanskiej (Townspeople Art Museum)
Muzeum Archeologiczne (Archeological Museum)
Muzeum Sztuki Medalierskiej (Medal Art Museum)
Muzeum Militariow (Military Museum), (City Armoury)
Muzeum Sztuki Cmentarnej (Cemetery Art Museum)

The Municipal Museum collects, archives and displays culture artifacts, most of which are related to Wroclaw and Silesian history. The collection includes goldware, graphic, painting, regular Polish weapon, guns and rifles, martyrology items and documents related to Wroclaw and Silesian history. The museum organises and runs museum lessons for children and school youth. The Historical Museum in the Old Town Hall by the Rynek presents documents linked with the city’s history.