Wroclaw – the capital of Lower Silesia, is rapidly catching the attention of tourists and businessmen alike. Its perch upon the Odra river and the veritable maze of islands and bridges that make up the city have gained it the title of the Venice of Poland. But the similarities between these two cities aren’t limited to geography. Over a thousand years of history have left this Silesian jewel with a colourful culture and an atmosphere to match. Wroclaw is bursting at the seams with cosy cafes, excellent restaurants, and charming hotels. Add to that plenty of places to shop and have fun and you’ll quickly understand this city’s exploding popularity. Wroclaw Life brings all of that and more! Get travel tips and information about the city and Poland in general. And impress your friends with your Polish language skills! We keep it relaxed and we’re confident that you’ll quickly fall in love with Wroclaw, just as we did!

Wrocław was once described as “the holy blossom of Europe, a beautiful gem among cities”, and has always been a bone of contention, changing hands many times throughout its long history. In the past, Wrocław has belonged to Poles, Czechs, Austrians, Hungarians and Germans. Settlers here have included Walloons, Jews, Italians and Ruthenians. The mixture of many different religions and cultures, while troublesome at times, has also contributed a lot to the city. Wrocław lies in the middle of the Silesian Lowland, where the Oder River branches out to form 12 islands. The city is spanned by more than 100 bridges. Seen from the deck of a tour boat, Wrocław looks like a city on the water.