The Dominican Fair is Gdańsk’s
most famous and oldest festive occasion, held since 1260. It lasts two weeks, starting on the last Saturday in July. The fair is held on the streets of the Old Town, and you can buy absolutely anything there, from a lollipop to antique furniture. The fair is accompanied by numerous cultural events.

The Street Theatre Festival
is held during the Dominican Fair. Open-air performances are shown in Gdańsk on Targ Węglowy Street and in the district of Zaspa.

Days of the Sea
are organized in Gdynia in the summer.

The Northern Peoples Folklore Festival
held in mid-July in Gdańsk, presents the folk music and traditions of ethnic groups from Poland, Scandinavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia.

The International Organ Music Festival
is a prestigious event lasting throughout July, held in the beautiful Oliwa cathedral, famous for its world-class organ.

The International Song Festival
is held in August at the Leśna Opera in Sopot.

The Shakespeare Festival
is held in Gdańsk in August. Every year, productions of Shakespeare’s plays from around the world are presented here.