The Actors’ Song Festival
has been popular with audiences for years. This competition, a song interpretation challenge for actors and students of drama and music schools, is held every March and accompanied by concerts, specialist symposiums and exhibitions. ,

The Eurosilesia International Silesian Music Festival
is held in Wrocław, Brzeg and other Silesian cities, usually in April and May. It features a series of symphony and chamber concerts, as well as recitals and exhibitions. 

The May with Ancient Music Festival
is a series of concerts for connoisseurs, played on original historic instruments or copies, from original music scores.

Wratislavia Cantans
is one of Europe’s best-known festivals of oratorio and cantata music, held every year in June and September. The festival is accompanied by organ music interpretation and vocal pedagogy courses, art exhibits and an academic session on the theory and practice of oratorio and cantata music.

Evenings in the Arsenal Chamber Music Festival
offers concerts in the splendid yard of the Arsenal in June/July.

Simcha Meetings with Jewish Culture
Klezmer music concerts are also included in the Jewish music recitals given by Polish and foreign artists. The festival features theatrical performances, exhibitions, film projections, meetings with personalities of the Jewish community, Hebrew and Yiddish language workshops, dances. 

Wrocław Organ Summer
is a series of organ concerts by Polish and foreign artists, held at the university church every Sunday in July, August and September.

The International Festival of Viennese Music – From Lanner to Lehar and Stolz
is held in the second half of October, featuring symphony music, operetta and dance music.

Hawdalowe Concert – Jewish music
concerts take place every last Saturday of the month at the synagogue Under the White Stork.