The Coal Mining Museum Department, 41 – 800 Zabrze, 410 Wolności Street

In Zabrze, there is a Coal Mining Museum Królowa Luiza with exhibitions illustrating the life of mine workers.

The museum – a mine with a 200-year-old tradition. The origins of the “Królowa Luiza” mine go back to 1791 – it is the enterprise which started the great Upper Silesian industrialisation of 19’th and 20’th century.

The working 2000 ph steam hoist machine. It was produced in Eisenhuette Prinz Rudolfh in Duelmen, Germany, it had been used in the 503m. deep “Carnall” shaft until 1990

1,5 km long underground tourist route mine drifts which are together 1,5km long and go down to 35m. and there are 19th century and modern excavations large mining machines presentation taking part in a presentation of a modern combined cutter loader and coal plough.