Between Katowice and Chorzów, there is a big recreation centre with the ethnographic museum, zoological garden and amusement park. The Museum of Silesia in the nearby Bytom houses a significant collection of Polish and European painting from the 16th -20th centuries.

Chorzów, located in the very heart of the Katowice agglomeration, was only a few years back a typical Upper Silesian centre of huge industry. Transformations, taking place in the country along with a decade of the restored self-government caused the change of the city image.

The city has become more beautiful. It has been developing and utilising its capacities: central location in the region, convenient railway connections, already existing and constructed road arteries (Cross-Town Route and A-4 Motorway), close proximity to an airport in Pyrzowice, Katowice – the capital of the Voivodeship of Silesia in the immediate vicinity, traditions of the powerful craftsmanship environment, prospering trade and services, as well as the unique in Europe Voivodeship Culture and Leisure Park located within the city limits.