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The seven day tour which will show you the charms of two of the most beautiful cities in this part of Europe - get to know Krakow and Prague in one trip !

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Along the Baltic coast…

The history of southern Baltic countries is long and fascinating – wars and times of peace, fires and times of glory, occupations and fights for independence. Now it seems to be the best time for visiting - you can see the monuments, you can hear the legends and history, you can touch everything by yourself…

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Poland and our Southern neighbours

Coming to Poland for the first time it’s good idea to visit our southern neighbours too. Prague, Budapest or Vienna are not far away from Krakow. That's why we would like to invite you for misterious travel in space and history of Eastern Europe. Hundreds years ago in one country, now the cultural or government capitals in separate countries. All of them have a lot of connecting features but everyone can amaze you in different way…

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