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Galicia in three days

Welcome to Galicia - a historic south-eastern part of Poland famous not only of Kracow, but also of many magnificent castles and palaces, places like Arłamów - important place on Polish way to freedom or sanktuaries like Kalwaria Pacławska, visited by Karol Wojtyla - John Poul II.  

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Grand Tour of Silesia region

A tour of Lower and Upper Silesia - two parts of our country though different my common history. On this tour you will learn about the history of Wroclaw and the beauty of the mountains of Beskid Slaski.

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Across Poland

A complete tour through Poland that will show you everything you need to see in Poland. Recommended for people who have never been to our country, but also for those who have been on a short tour before.

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Discovering gems of North-Eastern Poland

This tour will take you to both the most beautiful natural corners of Poland and invite you to visit the beautiful monuments along the way. You will learn about Poland's rich history, our natural treasures and also delicious Polish cuisine.

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