Wałbrzych – formerly the centre of coal-field, nowadays an increasingly attractive tourist centre where numerous technical monuments are maintained and made available for tourists. The biggest city of the Polish Sudety, surrounded with the Wałbrzych Mountains. Wałbrzych has existed since 1426. Among its monuments it is worth paying attention to the preserved arrangement of the Old Town streets. At the market arcaded tenements of the 17th – 18th centuries. The baroque parish church of the 18th century. The City’s Museum with a historical department and art collection. A museum in the area of former coal mines.
In the northern part of the city, the biggest Castle in Silesia built in the 17th century, extended in 18th century, surrounded with spacious gardens, nowadays the centre of culture with representative exhibition and concert rooms, not to mention a hotel. Beside, a stud of stallions, a place of auctions and holidays in the saddle. Within the distance of 5 km northwards from Wałbrzych a spa Szczawno Zdrój surrounded with the mountains. The city initiates several marked walking trails leading to the most interesting parts of the Wałbrzych Mountains, among others to the „Andrzejówka” hostel, a popular centre of ski tourism.