general info:
spa: submontane health spa
clients: submontane climate, moderately stimulating
height: 345-520 m above sea level
postal code: 34-460 Szczawnica
telephone area code: +48-18

Main treatment areas:
respiratory system diseases, pulmonary diseases, allergies, laryngological diseases. Natural therapeutic resources: mineral waters (iodide, boron, bicarbonate-sodium- chloride oxalate waters).

Szczawnica lies at 435-520 m above sea level, in one of Poland’s most beautiful spots, on the border between the Pieniny and Beskid Sadecki mountains. The famous Dunajec river rapids are nearby. The wonderful location, an excellent climate with considerable variation over the area, and wooden architecture lend this spa a special charm. Szczawnica is also a well-known mountain tourism centre in both summer and winter.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 1,399 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centre, inhalation facility.

Attractions and cultural events:
Christmas Carol Competition, Easter Palm Competition, Pieniny Summer – an open-air event, folk artists’ exhibitions, Pieniny Poetry Competition of Traditional Verse, open-air festivals, summer concerts of chamber music in the band shell.

Tourism and sports:
pedestrian border crossing in the Pieniny mountains, hiking along Homole Gorge, route to the Pieniny Museum, Orthodox church in Jaworki, raft trips down the Dunajec rapids, Sewerynńka Falls, Biała Woda Reserve. There are three T-bar ski-lifts nearby, a chair-lift to Mt. Palenica, ski courses, a snowboard course, and ski rentals. There are 5 marked trails for cyclists, and mountain-bike rentals. There is a canoe wharf nearby. Horse-drawn cabs are available for hire, and there is also a riding school.