general info:
spa: seaside spa
cliamte: marine climate, gently stimulating, seawater aerosols
height: 2-3 m above sea level
postal code: 72-600 Świnoujście
telephone area code: +48-91

Main treatment areas:
diseases of the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine and metabolic systems, dermatological diseases, rheumatic disorders, obesity.

Natural therapeutic resources:
bromide, iodide and boron brine (4%), therapeutic mud.

Świnoujście is a port town with wharves for sea ferries, a spa and a well known seaside resort, located on the eastern end of Wolin Island and on Uznam Island, on both banks of the river Świna. A ferry service links the two parts of the town. The spa part is situated at the seaside and is separated from the rest of the town by forest areas and the spa park. The esplanade has historical, beautifully restored architecture. There are lots of little coffee shops, art galleries, boarding houses and small hotels here.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 1,466 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centre, 10 km beach.

Attractions and cultural events:
It is worth visiting the Sea Fisheries Museum, listening to music in the amphitheatre in the park, and checking out the numerous art galleries. Regular events include Days of the Sea (June), the Fama University Students’ Art Festival (July), Baltic Summer Festival (July- August), Świnoujście Folklore Picnic (July), Uznam Music Festival (September), Maritime Culture Week (September), Beach Ball Tour – beach volleyball and beach soccer (June).

Tourism and sports: indoor swimming pool, municipal stadiums, tennis courts, riding- school, areas for horseback riding, Orion yacht marina. There is a nature reserve nearby – Paprocie Karsiborskie, as well as Karsiborska Kępa, an internationally recognized bird refuge.

Baltic Coast
Świnoujście – both a port city and a health resort – located right next to the border with Germany – partly on the Uznam Island and partly on the Wolin Island. The recreation park was founded in the mid-19th century. At Plac Rybaka 1 there is a Museum of Sea Fishery. By the estuary of the Świna River there is a lighthouse built in mid-19th century, the highest on the Polish coast (68 metres). The Wolin Island with its important beach resort

Świnoujscie – the main seashore resort of West Pomerania. One of the biggest Polish seaports and a ferry-boats port. It is situated on the Uznam Island and the Wolin Island separated by the Świna River, on which ferries run, connecting both quarters of the town. A renowned seashore watering-place and a saline spa with numerous sanatoriums, holiday houses, campsites. Patients and tourists can sunbathe on a beautiful beach and have a rest in a large spa park. Night clubs welcome guests to see artistic programs. Also, the Museum of Fishing is worthy of note.