• mountain spa
  • mountain climate, moderately, strongly stimulating
  • height 560 m above sea level
  • postal code 34-700 Rabka
  • telephone area code +48-18

Main treatment areas:
respiratory and circulatory system diseases, children’s diseases: asthma, skin diseases, diabetes.

Natural therapeutic resources:
bromide, iodide, boron brines (1.65-2.55%). Available therapy: balneotherapy, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy, inhalations, rehabilitation pools.

Rabka lies on the northern slopes of the Gorce mountains, where the rivers Poniczanka and Sionka join the river Raba. Rabka, known earlier for its salt-works, became a spa in 1864, and the first treatment centre for children was established a few years later. Today the local brines are applied in many hospitals and sanatoriums. Poland’s main spa centre for children, Rabka gained international fame thanks to its unique, wonderful climate and rich deposits of excellent therapeutic waters.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums, spa hospitals and preventoriums with 2,000 beds.

Attractions and cultural events:
Rabcio Puppet Theatre, Śnieżka cinema. The Władysław Orkan Museum, housed in a historical 17th century larch-wood church, includes one of the largest collections of folk sculpture and paintings on glass; the world’s only Order of the Smile Museum (dedicated to a unique order that children award to adults); Open-air Railway Museum in Chabka near Rabka; Winter Carnival, Carpathian Festival of Children’s Regional Ensembles, Mountain Children’s Holiday International Festival. Numerous entertainment and folk events are held in the summer season.

Tourism and sports:
sports stadium, numerous ski-lifts, tennis courts, amusement park, traffic town with bicycle rentals, skating rink, toboggan-run; tourist routes: to Mt. Grzebień (678 m), Mt. Maciejowa (837 m), Stare Wierchy, Krzywoń and Bania hills.