General info:
spa: mountain spa 
cliamate: mountain climate, moderately stimulating
height: 400 m above sea level
postal code: 33-350 Piwniczna
telephone area code: +48-18

Main treatment areas:
respiratory and digestive system diseases.

Natural therapeutic resources:
mineral waters (bicarbonate-calcium-magnesiumsodium- chalybeate oxalate waters), therapeutic mud.

Spa industry:
production of Piwniczanka, a natural bottled mineral water.

Piwniczna lies on the river Poprad, in the Beskid Sadecki range, at 400 m above sea level. It is a charming town known since the 14th century.

Treatment facilities:
Limba sanatorium and holiday centres with 220 beds in total.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centre, pump-room, treatments (massage, therapeutic exercises, inhalations, mineral and mud baths).

Artistic events:
Piwniczna Days (July), Children of the Mountains International Festival (summer), Stary Sacz Ancient Music Festival (in Stary Sacz, June), various periodic entertainments (summer).

Tourism and sports:
walking in Popradzki Mountain Pine Park, which encompasses the spa and the Poprad river valley; 282 km of tourist routes, including mountain-biking and horseback tourism trails, 9 T-bar ski-lifts at the Sucha Dolina ski station 2.5 km away, 3 ski-lifts at the ski station in Wierchomla MaΠa, holiday centre with nice beach, outdoor swimming pool, 4 tennis courts, exercise paths in Kicarz – the spa park. This is a good base for hiking in the Beskid Sadecki range, including the trail to Mt. Radziejowa at 1,262 m (5 hours); yellow trail to Hala Pisana at 1,044 m (3.5 hours). The border crossing into Slovakia is 3 km from the town; there is a yellow trail and a red trail to Wielki Rogacz.