general info:
spa: lowland spa 
climate: lowland climate, moderately stimulating
height: 200 m above sea level
postal code: 24-140 Nałęczów
telephone area code: +48-81

Main treatment areas:
circulatory systemdiseases

Natural therapeutic resources:
weakly mineralised waters with dominance of calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate.

Nałęczów lies in the hills of Lubelska Upland, in the wooded valley of the river Bystra, within Kazimierski Scenic Park. It has a gentle lowland climate. The conditions are good for climate therapy. The main part of the spa is taken up by the extensive and beautifully kept Zdrojowy Park with a centrally located palace (the Spa House) and a picturesque pond. Historical and modern sanatoriums and boarding houses are set among the greenery around the edge of the park. The town’s main avenues, where many old trees grow, are lined with beautifully restored and architecturally interesting wooden houses and villas

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 1,223 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centre, pump-room, fitness centre.

Attractions and cultural events:
annual show of carnival customs and folk traditions (January), Nałęczów Culture Spring (May-June), International Piano Festival (August), classical music concerts and performances by the Musical Theatre from Lublin, National Blacksmiths’ Workshops.

Małachowski Palace in the centre of Zdrojowy Park.

Tourism and sports:
indoor pool, sports field, tennis court, good biking routes. Nałęczów is an excellent base for trips to the beautiful town of Kazimierz Dolny, the palace in Kozłówka, and Lublin. Nearby Wojciechów is worth visiting to see the Unitarian tower and the Smithery Museum. The Old Baths Sanatorium „Energetyk.”