general info: 
spa: submontane health spa
climate: submontane climate, moderately, strongly stimulating
height: 500 m above sea level
postal code: 33-370 Muszyna
telephone area code: +48-18

Main treatment areas:
diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems, rheumatic disorders, female diseases.

Natural therapeutic resources:
mineral springs – bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium oxalate waters.

Muszyna, Złockie and Żegiestów Zdrój are mountain spas located above the Poprad river gorge, surrounded by Popradzki Scenic Park. The area is characterized by considerable local climate variations.

Spa industry:
bottling of Muszynianka mineral water in Muszyna.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums with 1,902 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centres, pump-rooms. Attractions: the main attraction in the region is a rafting trip down the river Poprad. The local raftsmen, wearing regional costumes, are masters at steering their rafts down the river rapids between the steep banks. Participation in one of these trips is an unforgettable adventure.

The Regional Museum in the building of an old inn has an interesting ethnographic collection; the ruins of a 14th century castle, the market square with regional- style 19th-century houses, 19th century chapels, a brick church from 1679, historicalarchitecture at Kościelna Street (late 19th / early 20th century), the Muszyna starostas’ 18th/19th century manor house below the castle, earthworks of an 11th century knights’ settlement, old wooden Orthodox churches in Powroenik, Andrzejka, Leluch and Dubne, and a brick one in Żegiestów.

Tourism and sports:
sports field for soccer and volleyball, tennis courts; tourist routes and paths for strolling, numerous biking routes with various levels of difficulty, 4 skilifts. Muszyna is an excellent base for mountain excursions.