Miejno (Mielno) is situated in the central part of the Baltic Sea Shore, 6km north of Koszalin. The 25km-long shoreline is the north bor¬der of the commune. The terrain configuration displays dune and plain fea¬tures. The landscape of the commune is diversified and grown with abundant vegetation. In the commune there is Jamno lake with an area of 22.4 sq km. It is one of the biggest lakes in Poland, the eighth largest one as far as the surface is concerned. It is connected with the sea by means of a canal which arose as a result of a storm in autumn 1890. Because of the unique charac¬teristics of sea currents along the shoreline, the canal is being filled with migrating sand and therefore it has no importance for sailing. On the sand-bar separatingJamno lake from the sea, Mieino and Uniescie are situated. Other tourist settlements of the commune include situated on the Baltic shore: Lazy, Chlopy Sarhinowo, Gaski and Mielenko. Besides natural and holiday resort characteristics the places benefit from the marine climate owing to which air is here saturated with iodine and salt. The commune offers a broad range of active leisure possibilities at recrea¬tional and holiday centres, as: guarded swimming grounds, swimming pools, multifunctional fields, tennis courts, body building studios, saunas and fitness clubs, sports equipment hire establishments, sailing marinas and seasonal water equipment hire establishments. Foot and cycling tourist trails and a water trail of Jamno lake cross the commune area. The tourist offer is made diversified with cultural events entitled: the Mieino Artistic Summer.