General Info:
spa: seaside spa
climate: marine climate, moderately stimulating
height:  5 m above sea level
postal code:  72-510 Międzyzdroje
telephone area code: +48-91

Main treatment areas:
diseases of the circulatory and respiratory systems, mobility and rheumatic disorders, dermatological diseases.

Natural therapeutic resources:
brine, therapeutic mud.

Międzyzdroje is a seaside spa and resort with a promenade stretching along the beach, a wooden pier going into the sea, a beautiful band shell, a spa park and numerous hotels, boarding houses and holiday homes. It owes its attractiveness to its beautiful location, with sandy beaches and an excellent climate, the gentlest on the whole Baltic coast. It is crowded in the summer, but in other seasons the resort becomes a peaceful town excellent for resting. Międzyzdroje lies on Wolin Island, next to Woliński National Park, an oasis of peace and primeval nature even at the height of the summer season. A coastal trade route ran through Międzyzdroje in the Middle Ages.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and therapy-and-holiday centres with 1,070 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centre.

Attractions and cultural events:
International Festival of Choral Song (June), Holiday Film Festival (July), organ concerts, beach volleyball tournament (August).
St. Peter’s Church, Nature Museum of Woliński National Park, European Bison Reserve, fishing port; Lake Turkusowe in Wapnica, Wolin – a legendary town in the 9th to 11th centuries, with an Archaeology Museum and a rotating bridge. Tourism and sports: Golf course in Kołczewo, tennis courts, stadium, hiking routes in Woliński National Park.

Miedzyzdroje – the Peal of the Baltic
Międzyzdroje – a renowned tourist and holiday town, and a spa, is called the Pearl of the Baltic. It has 6 thousand inhabitants and is located on the biggest Polish island, Wolin, at the edge of the Woliński National Park. It is famous for beautiful sandy beaches and steep cliffs that fall into the sea. The wooden, nineteenth-century spa buildings lend a lot of charm to the town, as does the beautiful vegetation, among others yew trees known as “the Prince’s Guards”, “Storrada” oak-tree and the monumental “Bolko” and “Rogalinda” oak-trees, or an ash-tree called “the Giant”.
The spa takes advantage of abundant springs of saline waters (zdrój) – and the town owes its name to these waters. One of the town’s attractions is the “alley of stars” with the imprints of famous persons’ hand. The town borders the Wolin National Park with the total area of 4,700 ha. Tourists are welcome to see steep cliffs destroyed gradually by the sea.
The tree stand contains prehistoric beeches and oaks, also some protected plants are e.g. the woodbine and the sea-holly. A few postglacial lakes e.g. Lake Czajcze and Lake Warnowskie. In the nature reserve you can observe the white eagle. Międzyzdroje is the administrative
The geographic location and natural beauty of Międzyzdroje and its surroundings make them a great place for walks and bicycle trips.
The Star Promenade – a famous pedestrian street at the foot of the Amber Baltic Hotel where Polish film and theatre artists leave bronze-casts of their hands during the annual Summer Stars Festival.
The Pier (in Polish – Molo) – reaching 120metres into the sea, built anew in 1994 on the site of the first pier in Międzyzdroje from 1884. You enter the pier through a spacious pavilion that houses many cosy cafés. From the pier you can enjoy the view on the Pomorska Bay: the steep cliffs, sandy beaches and houses in Miedzyzdroje and the neighbouring bathing sites.
Międzyzdroje, and two health resort sites, Międzywodzie and Dziwnów offer not only 25 km of coastal beaches but also a remarkable national park and a popular golf course with 9 and 18 golf-pits.