Leba (Łeba) is a very well known place on the Polish Baltic coast, a place of great resort, belongs to the most beautiful spots at the Baltic Sea and the most attractive tourist place on the seaside. It is also known as the Summer Capital of Poland, organizing many sports and tourist events. It is located between two lakes: Lebsko and Sarbsko, close to the Baltic Sea. A unique attraction is the Slowinski National Park with it’s great stretch of wondering dunes. The Łeba seacoast is a place offering specific conditions promoting health, its microclimate attracts many tourists coming here throughout the year. The rich original landscapes, reserves and nature relics invite to hiking and biking. The history of the town begins in the times when Slowincy – the ethnic group of Kashubian origin – settled down at the mouth of the Leba River. The traces of their culture are gathered and preserved in the Skansen of Kluki, a small village on the other side of Lebsko Lake. It is worthwhile to visit it!