general info:
spa: mountain spa
climate: submontane climate, strongly stimulating
height:  450 m above sea level
postal code: 57-540 Ladek Zdrój
telephone area code: +48-7

Main treatment areas:
mobility and rheumatic disorders, circulatory system diseases, dermatological and female diseases, osteoporosis.

Natural therapeutic resources:
weakly mineralised, fluoride, radioactive thermal waters (22-44 C), therapeutic mud. Location: Ladek Zdrój lies in the Biała Ladecka river valley, at the foot of the Złote mountains and the Śnieżnik massif. The local springs were already known in the Middle Ages, and the spa started to develop in the 16th century. The spa has beautiful historical architecture, with the Wojciech physiotherapy centre built on a circular plan standing in the centre. This Baroque building includes a round pool with thermal mineral water.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 1,242 beds.

Available therapy:
three physiotherapy centres, therapeutic pools, thermal pool (12×25 m), pump-rooms.

Attractions and cultural events:
Dom Zdrojowy (Spa House – cinema, library, coffee shop, reading-rooms, art gallery). Events include the Pilgrimage Song Festival, Mountain and Tourist Film Review, and Polish-Czech Christian Culture Days.

Radochowska Cave, historic palace in Trzebieszowice, Arboretum in Ladek Zdrój, Niedewiedzia (Bear) Cave in Kletno, the ruins of Karpień Castle. Tourist routes in the Złote and Bialskie mountains, in the Śnieźnik massif, and to Jaworowa Forest.

Tourism and sports:
tennis courts, outdoor and indoor pools, sports stadium, ski-lifts, gyms, sports shooting range. Other possibilities include rock climbing, trout fishing in the river Biała Ladecka, 150 km of biking routes. National Canoeing Rally. Winter sports centre in Czarna Góra (1,405 m).