General info:
spa: mountain spa
climate: mountain climate, moderately, strongly stimulating
height:  560-620 m above sea level
postal code: 33-380 Krynica
telephone area code: +48-18

Main treatment areas:
diseases of the urinary and digestive systems, diseases of the blood and the haematopoietic system, female diseases, diabetes.

Natural therapeutic resources: Jan (0.07%) oxalate water, Mieczysław and Słotwinka (0.43%) bicarbonate-calcium magnesium oxalate waters, Zuber I, II, III, IV (2.1-2.7%) bicarbonate-calcium, magnesium, chalybeate oxalate waters, therapeutic mud.

Spa industry:
bottling of therapeutic mineral waters – Jan, Zuber and Słotwinka.

Krynica, dubbed “the pearl of Polish spas”, lies on the hills along the valley of the Kryniczanka stream, at the eastern end of the Beskid Sadecki range. The spa’s history dates back to the 18th century, when the first spa houses were built. The spa has stunning historical wooden and brick architecture. Especially worth mentioning is one of Europe’s most beautiful pump-rooms, which has a marvellous indoor promenade with a winter garden and theatre complex.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 3,273 beds.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centres, central pump-room, pump-rooms for drinking Jan, Tadeusz and Słotwinka waters. Attractions and cultural events: The bestknown event is the Jan Kiepura Festival (August). The concerts on the promenade can attract up to 20,000 listeners, and the international Guitar Festival is another worthwhile event. The Museum of Nikifor, a Primitive painter of world fame who works from Krynica, is worth a visit.

Tourism and sports:
artificial skating rink, soccer fields, 7 tennis courts, 7 ski lifts; gondola lift to Mt. Jaworzyna, cable railway to Góra Parkowa (Park Mountain); riding school with hucuł horses; mountain biking routes.

Krynica Zdrój – a gem among Polish spa type health
The resorts is a well-known health-resort with a specific climate and a recreational character. Although the snow can last from November to March, in summer the town gets more sunshine than other resorts in the region. Krynica has been called the Pearl of Polish resorts for a long time because of a rich variety of hot springs, massages, and mud-baths. Many festivals are organised annually. The attractiveness of the surroundings and the healthy microclimate are a true attraction. Krynica is banked by forest hills, boasts crystal clean air as well as many mineral water springs from which water is drawn and used in the treatment of health disorders. The climate at Krynica is similar to that of the lower Alps region. Such conditions have a positive effect on the immune system.

Entertainment is Good for you!
Krynica Zdrój is very popular with theatre and opera artists. Here, you can appreciate the special nature of a health resort in which entertainment and treatment go hand in hand. Mud baths and treatment massages in the morning, a leisurely walk to the pump house at noon where you can drink mineral waters of different tastes and properties, and in the evening, a concert or cabaret show. Entertainment is also good for your health!