General Info
spa: seaside spa
climate: marine climate, seawater aerosol, strong winds
height: 5 m above sea level
postal code: 78-100 Kołobrzeg
telephone area code: +48-94

Main treatment areas:
respiratory and circulatory system diseases, mobility disorders, rheumatic and neurological diseases, endocrine system and metabolism disorders (diabetes), thyroid disorders, in children’s sanatoriums – disorders of the upper airways, bronchial asthma, child obesity (child endocrinology), allergy related skin diseases.

Natural therapeutic resources:
brines (0.42-6.02%), therapeutic mud from the Miracice deposit.

Kołobrzeg is one of the oldest towns in Pomerania. BolesΠaw the Brave established a bishopric here in 1000. The first mentions of a spa date back to 1710, and the town became an internationally renowned seaside resort in the 19th century. Kołobrzeg is Poland’s largest seaside health resort and an attractive tourist destination, a commercial port and a sea fishing base. The town’s northern spa district stretches eastwards along the coast from the mouth of the river Parsęta. The town’s therapeutic assets include the special microclimate related to the sea’s proximity, the clean air, intensive sunlight, brine springs, and therapeutic mud. The esplanade acts as a natural seaside inhalator.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 6,598 beds.

Available therapy:
3 physiotherapy centres, indoor brine pools.

Attractions and cultural events:
Interfolk – International Folklore Meetings, with folk ensembles from all over the world; Kołobrzeg Music Summer, and Kołobrzeg Chamber-Music Evenings

Tourism and sports:
outdoor and indoor preventive and sports swimming pools, tennis courts, workout rooms, sports stadiums, biking path. A fragment of the harbour Sanatorium „Bałtyk” Physiotherapy.

KolobrzeG is a dynamically developing town and a famous spa situated at Parseta river estuary to the Baltic Sea. For a long time it has been attracting Polish and foreign tourists with a quality of its sea bathing beach, crystal clean air, beauty of its beaches, climate and lots of trees and green. Specific microclimate characteristics and natural curative products (therapeutic mud and brine) made it one of the best known and popular health resorts in a seaside zone. Kolobrzeg has the biggest hotel resources, well-organized fundamental and specialist medical staff as well as the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. You can treat here: diseases of respiratory, motor and cardiovascular systems, as well as diseases of endocrine system and metabolism. Treatment of children is including: chronic diseases of respiratory tract, diseases of endocrine system and allergic dermatopathy.