General Info:
lowland spa: lowland climate, moderately and weakly stimulating
height: 46 m above sea level
postal code: 87-720 Ciechocinek
telephone area code: +48-54

Main treatment areas:
mobility and rheumatic disorders, respiratory and circulatory system disorders, skin and female diseases, obsesity.

Natural therapeutic resources:
chloridesodium waters (0.35-0.85%), brines (4.57%), hypothermal brines (26-27oC) with concentration of 4.23-6.43%, from boreholes going down to 1,378 m. Location: The spa lies in the wide proglacial valley of the river Vistula. It dates back to the 19th century, when rich thermal brine springs were discovered here, and one of Europe’s largest twig towers releasing brine vapour, salt-works and classicistic baths were built, which are operational to this day. Ciechocinek includes the beautifully kept Tężniowy Park, Zdrojowy Park with a roofed promenade, a pine park, and a nature reserve of salt-loving plants.

Treatment facilities:
sanatoriums and spa hospitals with 3,674 beds; Balneology Clinic of the Academy in Bydgoszcz.

Available therapy:
physiotherapy centres, indoor brine pools and rehabilitation pools, 1,740 m twig towers releasing brine vapour serving as open-air inhalators, an outdoor thermal-brine pool.

Attractions and cultural events:
frequent concerts at the band shell in the park and at the concert hall, performances in the summer Spa Theatre, Summer at the Twig Towers, Firemen’s Song Festival.

Salt-Works (1830), historical Orthodox church of the Archangel Michael, 16th century church in Raciażek. The historical city of Toruń is 25 km away.

Tourism and sports:
sports stadium, tennis courts, horse-riding club, angling sites. Many hiking and biking routes with special interest programs. Detailed information available at the local tourist information office.