Bielsko-Biała – called the tourist capital of the Beskids. Since 1951 these were two cities Bielsko and White separated by the White River which over the centuries were developing separately according to the Austrian and German sectors border. Bielsko-Biała (170,000 inhabitants) is worth taking a look at the castle and a starting point to Polish tourist localities and its suburban districts (Mikuszowice and Wapienica) have been the place of both summer and winter rest for years. A car ropeway onto Szyndzielnia makes it possible to penetrate the summits of the Silesian Beskid in a fast and easy way. Moreover, the antique buildings of the city itself thickly gathered at narrow, sloping and winding streets in the old district is worth mentioning. The former castle of the Sułkowskis’ of the 15th century houses precious historical, ethnographic and art collection of the District Museum. An antique wooden church in the Old Bielsko suburb.