Bełchatów is situated in the central Poland and is a poviat (district) town within Łódzkie Region. Close vicinity to Łódź (50 km) and Warsaw (150 km), and also its location on the route within the national highway No 8 joining Warsaw and Wrocław make it an important transportation centre in the Region. Two regional highways No 485 joining Pabianice and Bełchatów, and No 484 joining Łask, Bełchatów and Kamieńsk run through the city. The space of Bełchatów covers 35 km2 (3 464 ha).
According to the size of its population, Bełchatów is one of the largest cities in Łódzkie Region. Due to this it has a large and well-managed urban space and technical infrastructure. Almost 65 000 people live here, and 40 % are children and youth under 25 years of age. A large group of young Bełchatów community constitutes a rich market for future investors.