General info:
lowland: spa, forest, lakeside climate
height: 130 m above sea level
postal code: 16-300 August
telephone area code: +48-87

Lakes in the region:

  • J. Wigry
  • J. Necko
  • J. Sajno
  • J. Tajno
  • J. Studzieniczne
  • J. Długie Aug.
  • J. Białe
  • J. Serwy
  • J. Blizno
  • Kan. Augustowski
  • Rospuda

Main treatment areas:
heart and rheumatic diseases, orthopedic and post traumatic disorders. Available therapy: physiotherapy centre.

Natural therapeutic resources:
therapeuticmud, mineral water.

Augustów is a charming tourist destination, located where the river Netta flows into Lake Necko, surrounded by a 40 km belt of pine and spruce forests. The town gained the status of a spa a few years ago thanks to its climatic qualities, dynamically developing treatment services, and therapeutic-mud deposits.

Treatment facilities:
spa sanatoriums and holiday centres with 380 beds. Attractions and cultural events: flea markets, folk festivals, art exhibitions, jazz-blues concerts.

Tourism and sports:
The greatest tourist attraction is Augustowski Canal – a historical (1823-1839) complex of 14 locks and navigable waters about 80 km long. This picturesque route can be traveled on one of the cruise boats or in a canoe. Many yachting regattas are held around Augustów in summer, and inwinter there is an ice-boat school and ice-boat races. In the town itself, it is worth visiting the Augustowski Canal Museum and the Regional Museum. Wigierski National Park is just 30 km away, which includes numerous lakes, a beaver and cormorant refuge, and the buildings of the former Camaldolite monastery on the peninsula, which today houses a well-known holiday centre. The canoe route down the river Czarna Hańcza starts nearby – this is the most picturesque water route in Poland.