ul. Chramcówki 15, Zakopane

The idea of creating the own Theatre arose during the studies in Cracow Theatrical High School, named after Ludwik Solski. There met students of Stage Management Department: Julia Wernio and Andrzej Dziuk and also future actors: Dorota Ficon, Karina Krzywicka, Piotr Dabrowski, Andrzej Jesionek, Krzysztof Lakomik, Krzysztof Najbor and Piotr Sambor. They started to work on their own as a science circle. One of the result was the performance “Pragmatists” by St.I.Witkiewicz. This performance became one of the major arguments in the intention of winning the audience in Zakopane to the idea of establishing permanent theatre in this capital of the Tatra mountains.

Witkacy Theatre Cafe – Atanazy Bazakbal Stage is open for half an hour before the performances shown in the cafe and for one hour after these performances.
The Theatre Cafe is opened every day exept mondays from 5 pm till last guest.

St. I. Witkiewicz, son of St. Witkiewicz, an artist and philosopher, creator of aesthetic and historiosophical theories, was born on 24th of February 1885 in Warsaw. He was also an author of novels and dramas. In 1917 as a czar’s officer, he was a witness of the outbreak of the revolution in Russia.
In Konstanty Puzyna’s opinion, this experience had a decisive influence on the shaping of Witkacy’s catastrophical world outlook. Forthcoming society was seen by him as an army of happy robots – the effect of thoughtlessness and the growth of use of narcotic antidotes, being the escape from unsolved contradictions of 20th century.
He connected the resignation from the comprehension of human existence in metaphysical categories with a visible fall of religion, philosophy and art.
He spent many years in Zakopane, which was then bringing together the colourful circle of literary and artistic personalities, getting the fame of the capital of cultural life in II Polish Republic. He committed a suicide near the village of Jeziory in Ukraine, 18 days after the agression of Natzi army, the next day after the invasion of Soviet army into Poland