A delightful town on the Wisła River, with over 120 historic buildings, some over 800 yearsold. Museum and galleries testify to vibrant cultural life. Guided tours of the cellars beneath the main square. Stunning ravines close to the old town.

Sandomierz undoubtedly has always been a European city as itpreserved the various marks of the history of Europe and it belongs to its cultural heritage. Sandomierz a town whose roots reach back over ten centuries, is picturesquely situated on the edge of Kielecko – Sandomierska Upland, declining in theform of huge slopes into the Vistula valley.

Formerly Sandomierz belonged to the biggest towns in Poland. As sedes regni principalis it used to be aduke’s seat and a royal residence. Bound up with Christianity for ten ages, together with a nearby Zawichost it was also a communication link of international trade route, leading from Western Europe through Wrocław, Cracow, Wiślica and Sandomierz to Rus and further eastwards until Mongolian Empire. Sandomierz and Zawichost guarded the main ford across the Vistula.