A stay in Warsaw need not be limited to visits to its historical sites. It is not far from Wilanów to Konstancin, famous for its exquisite residences and spa, where therapeutic brine-saturated air helps cure patients suffering from pulmonary tract diseases. There are several forests and nature reserves within Warsaw’s boundaries and on the edge of the city stands Kampinoski National Park. It’s worth visiting Chopin’s birthplace, now a museum, in Żelazowa Wola, where concerts are held in the summer. Nearby Nieborów is home to the impressive residence of the Radziwiłł magnate family, surrounded by a picturesque park. Today the palace houses a museum. Just 5 km away is the beautiful scenic park of Arkadia. Those seeking traces of the Vienna Secession style should go to nearby Łódź where the architectural arrangement of the 19th century city as well as historic industrial architecture have been preserved.