Ojców National Park
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Ojcow National Park is situated in the southern part of Poland, in Malopolskie Voivodeship, 16 km north of Cracow, on the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland. The Park encompasses valleys of two small rivers: the Pradnik and Saspowka as well as adjacent parts of the Jura Plateau. The Park was established in 1956 over the area of 1,440 ha. Its current area occupies 2,146 ha, out of which 1,528 ha are covered by forests. 251 ha of forests are strictly protected. The Ojcow National Park is the smallest national park in Poland. Beginnings of nature conservation in the area go back to 1924 when, on the initiative of Prof. W. Szafer, the first natural monography of the region was prepared together with plans for nature reserves in the Pradnik and Saspowska valleys.

The Ojców National Park, marked by countless caverns, canyons and curious rock formations resulting from karstic processes. The town of Ojców is situated at the outer edge of Ojców National Park. Gothic castle ruins are a possible stop over.